Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween on the Jenkins campaign

Bill Roe (Field Director, Jenkins for Congress):

Glad you're having fun now Bill. Tuesday is going to be a disappointment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christain Morgan open mouth; inserts foot

Ol' Christian Morgan is a small man. He's a petty and small partisan hack who prides himself on negativity. The latest proof comes in what should be remembered as this cycles stupidest line of attack against Nancy Boyda:
"She's not even a Catholic, yet she prioritized going to see the pope higher than doing her job."
Others in attendence at the papal mass included Republican Senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, but Christian Morgan can't be bothered to make sure his sloppy blows don't hit his own candidates. After all, he's a busy man with important things to do.

Like dressing up like the prize patrol to hang out on street corners and wave a big check around.

(Speaking of big checks, Lynn Jenkins owes Shawnee County 3 million dollars.)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin debate answers scripted on cue cards!

If you watched the debate last night, and found yourself wondering why Sarah kept offering non-specific answers at times only tangentially connected to the question at hand then you're like many Americans. And, it turns out, there is a reason she seemed less than fully engaged in the topics last night. Her performance, largely, was scripted so it didn't matter what the question was because many of her answered were provided on note cards.

In this video you can clearly, and repeatedly, observe Palin reading her answers from prepared note cards, often failing to competently deliver the lines that have been prepared.

The first test of a Vice-President candidate is whether or not they're strong enough to lead on his/her own. If Palin can't stand on her own in a debate, how will she lead in a time crisis?

Update, 12:50pm. Just came across humorous image, consider it your Friday Funny.

Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain now acting too presumptive?

This is "counting your eggs before they hatch."
"What Senator McCain was able to do was to help bring all of the parties to the table, including the House Republicans, whose votes were needed to pass this," -McCain senior Steve Schmidt, yesterday.
So was this: